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Email from Guardian

2014-02-21T16:56:11+11:0021 February 2014|

I have received an email from one of our students’ mothers. The mother said in the email that her son had told her that he liked the piano lesson the most! What a lovely thing we have! The student is 4 1/2 years old and started his lesson last year. He is one of Yukari’s student. Yukari is always cheerful and encourages her students very well. I also like her character which is honest, humble, cheerful and kind. Certainly I am surrounded by beautiful students, lovely guardians and  great teachers. How lucky I am!


Hiro Gallery

2014-02-19T22:45:30+11:0019 February 2014|

We have a space at the waiting room – Hiro Gallery – This is for showing art works that our students or their siblings make.

Here is the latest art work from one of students – a long piece of some colourful houses and butterflies.

Hiro Galleryに新作追加!




Website Renewal

2014-02-17T22:17:38+11:0015 February 2014|

This website has been renewed yesterday!

Thank you to my husband and Alex for helping me out.

I do appreciate that many of my students allowed me to use their photos for the website.