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Finished for 2015

2018-11-06T13:10:00+11:0021 December 2015|

All lessons has been done for 2015.

Thank you to those who were a part of us throughout the year. Your works, commitments and supports made this year successful indeed.


I hope every students got happy with the Christmas decoration as a Christmas gift.


I felt special with a lot of Christmas cards from students and their parents. I felt again that I was a such lucky person who was surrounded by the beautiful people.


All of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Piano Concert 2015 – Completed!

2018-11-06T13:10:00+11:0015 November 2015|

Piano Concert 2015 was held today with 51 students performing solo pieces and a special guest; a professional ventriloquist SHOWKO.

We are proud that each performers played their pieces very well against nerves.

The bouquets for performers were special too. Our florist, Tanawan made bouquets with vegetables instead of flowers. It looked beautiful and yummy!

Thank you to all performers, parents, staffs and teachers, Emi and Yukari for being a part of the concert.

A little gift

2015-11-03T16:26:30+11:0003 November 2015|

I normally give some gifts to students when they pass thier examinations. However it is always a little bit difficult to choose gifts for boys especially teenagers.

This time I baked a cake for a boy who passed grade 6 instead of buying something from a shop.

Hope he enjoyed it!

AMEB Examination 2015

2015-11-01T16:48:33+11:0001 November 2015|

All students who enrolled for this year 2015 has successfully done and passed their practical examinations.

Well done, all students!!

The results are as follows;

Piano Preliminary Grade – 5 students

Piano Grade 1 – 4 students

Piano Grade 3 – 2 students

Piano Grade 6 – 2 students

A+: 2 students

A: 5 students

B+: 4 students

B: 2 students

C+: 1 student