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Great textbook for Scales

2020-04-10T17:11:58+10:0026 June 2017|

This is a great textbook to learn major and minor scales or teach scales to young students.

Go here to find out more information.

AMEB Exams

2017-06-26T21:15:59+10:0026 June 2017|

More than 10 students tried their AMEB exams in this term, from preliminary grade to Grade 6.

And everyone passed their exams!! Congratulations!!

A few students has done AMEB Theory Grade 2 Exams and yes they passed!

Well done everyone!

Piano Concert 2017

2020-04-10T17:11:58+10:0024 June 2017|

Piano Concert 2017 will be held by most of all students from Hiromelody.

Date: Sunday, 12 November 2017
Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre
985 Nepean Hwy Moorabbin VIC 3189
Session 1
Open: 10:15 AM
Start: 10:30 AM

Session 2
Open: 1:15 PM
Start: 1:30 PM