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AMEB EXAMS in 2017

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0023 November 2017|

We have just found out that the very last students for this year passed her AMEB practical Examination!

25 students enrolled in 2017 from Preliminary grade to Grade 7. ALL of them passed!!


It is tough to just prepare for an examination however it is also true that everyone improves their musical skills heaps through the preparation.

Now it’s time to enjoy Christmas Music!!

Piano Concert 2017

2020-04-10T17:11:58+10:0023 November 2017|


Piano Concert 2o17 was held on Sunday November 12.

There were 52 students plus one guest performer this year.

We had 2 separate sessions and the total length was for 4 hours!

I am pretty sure that everyone had a valuable experience through the concert.

We were as teachers so happy to hear and see their huge growth from last year.

Well Done Everyone!! Proud of You All!