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Piano Concert 2018

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0022 August 2018|

We are going to hold “Piano Concert 2018” with our lovely students.

I am looking forward to listening to everyone’s performance!

Date: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Location: Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre (979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin)


Session 1: Start at 10.30am (Open at 10.15am)

Session 2: Start at 1.30pm (Open at 1.15pm)


Admission Fee: $5

Music Concert with Music Lovers

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0008 August 2018|

We successfully had “Music Concert With Music Lovers” on Sunday July 29, 2018 at Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre.


We had a good start for the day! The venue was opened on time and the stuff for the day was helpful and reliable. When the concert finished he came to me and told that the concert was very nice!


We changed the title to “Music Concert With Music Lovers” from “Music Concert for Adult Performers” as we ended up with gathering performers from different age groups, playing different instruments and in different genres, but what they had in common was that they love music!


On the day we had; Violin, Cello, Classic Guitar, Saxophone, Choir, Solo singer, Piano solo and Ballet.

All performers prepared their pieces very well for the concert and performed in front of people with confidence. I do appreciate much for their commitment on this concert.


We had nearly 100 people including performers and our teachers.


Well done for Everyone!!


The Cookies on the photo above were given to the accompanist and members of the Choir as gifts. Very nice flower bouquets were also given to main performers.