IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change to Ownerships

//IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change to Ownerships

We need to announce that Izumi Nakase, who has been teaching with us for last 3 years, will take over the ownership of this studio from me this year.


I started my career as a piano teacher in Melbourne in 2008 and set up the studio in Cheltenham in 2011. I started this studio with small mount of students, which has kept growing till now.


A lot of students took AMEB examinations and two of them passed Practical Piano Grade 8 Examinations and Theory Grade 3 last year. I am very proud of everyone, who took examinations and who didn’t take any examination.


I met hundreds of beautiful students through the studio and all of them were so special to me. I also luckily had great teachers throughout my management.


Even though I and my husband really loves living in Melbourne, we decided to move back to our country, Japan to spend more time with our parents. This is why we gave up the ownership of the studio.


Izumi was considering that it was too pity to close the studio and made a huge commitment to take over the studio from me. I appreciate her decision and commitment.


I will be in Melbourne until the term 1 finishes, so I am going to help Izumi with management during the term 1.


I am quite sure that she will grow the studio more.



Hiroko Nakamura

January 30, 2019

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