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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Change to Ownerships

2019-01-30T18:09:33+11:0030 January 2019|

We need to announce that Izumi Nakase, who has been teaching with us for last 3 years, will take over the ownership of this studio from me this year.


I started my career as a piano teacher in Melbourne in 2008 and set up the studio in Cheltenham in 2011. I started this studio with small mount of students, which has kept growing till now.


A lot of students took AMEB examinations and two of them passed Practical Piano Grade 8 Examinations and Theory Grade 3 last year. I am very proud of everyone, who took examinations and who didn’t take any examination.


I met hundreds of beautiful students through the studio and all of them were so special to me. I also luckily had great teachers throughout my management.


Even though I and my husband really loves living in Melbourne, we decided to move back to our country, Japan to spend more time with our parents. This is why we gave up the ownership of the studio.


Izumi was considering that it was too pity to close the studio and made a huge commitment to take over the studio from me. I appreciate her decision and commitment.


I will be in Melbourne until the term 1 finishes, so I am going to help Izumi with management during the term 1.


I am quite sure that she will grow the studio more.



Hiroko Nakamura

January 30, 2019

65 Students Proudly Performed!

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0014 November 2018|

We had the “Piano Concert 2018” at Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre on Sunday November 11.

There were 65 students (from 3 yrs old to adult) + our 4 teachers who performed their pieces proudly.

Not only the students but all the parents must have done a hard work towards this concert and I appreciate their commitment.

Thank you everyone for your support and being a part of our concert!

Piano Concert 2018

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0022 August 2018|

We are going to hold “Piano Concert 2018” with our lovely students.

I am looking forward to listening to everyone’s performance!

Date: Sunday, November 11, 2018

Location: Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre (979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin)


Session 1: Start at 10.30am (Open at 10.15am)

Session 2: Start at 1.30pm (Open at 1.15pm)


Admission Fee: $5

Music Concert with Music Lovers

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0008 August 2018|

We successfully had “Music Concert With Music Lovers” on Sunday July 29, 2018 at Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre.


We had a good start for the day! The venue was opened on time and the stuff for the day was helpful and reliable. When the concert finished he came to me and told that the concert was very nice!


We changed the title to “Music Concert With Music Lovers” from “Music Concert for Adult Performers” as we ended up with gathering performers from different age groups, playing different instruments and in different genres, but what they had in common was that they love music!


On the day we had; Violin, Cello, Classic Guitar, Saxophone, Choir, Solo singer, Piano solo and Ballet.

All performers prepared their pieces very well for the concert and performed in front of people with confidence. I do appreciate much for their commitment on this concert.


We had nearly 100 people including performers and our teachers.


Well done for Everyone!!


The Cookies on the photo above were given to the accompanist and members of the Choir as gifts. Very nice flower bouquets were also given to main performers.

Music Concert

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0018 July 2018|

We are holding “Music Concert” in a few weeks time!

“Music Concert”

Date: Sunday, July 29

Time: 1pm (Open: 12.45pm)

Location: Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre (979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin)

Admission Fee: $5


Originally I was planning to have a Music Concert for Adults but I gathered anyone who enjoys performing so there will be from kids performers till adult performers for the concert!


The instruments that will be performed are;

  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Saxophone
  • Classic Guitar
  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Choir

Some of our teachers is performing as well. I will play one of my compositions on piano.

Also we have our students’ siblings and our post-students. Some of the performers are someone I haven’t met before.

I am so exited to see all of them and audience on that day.

Come along to this wonderful music concert with a lot of different instruments being played!


Ticket will be sold at the door on the day too.



NEW TEACHER and Available slots

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0028 February 2018|

Seiko Grant has started teaching the piano at our studio in term 1, 2018.

Seiko was teaching the piano in Japan after her graduating from her University and started a different career, however after moving to Melbourne she missed music so much and realised music was so important for her life.

Now Seiko is enjoying herself sharing a musical journey with her students.

At this moment Seiko is teaching on Saturday afternoon.

If you are interested in having a trial with her, please contact us.

Schedule in 2018

2018-02-17T07:35:29+11:0017 February 2018|

Piano Lesson Term Dates in 2018

Term1: Mon, Feb 5 – Thu, Mar 29 (8 weeks)

Term 2: Mon, Apr 16 – Sat, Jun 30 (11 weeks)

Term 3: Mon, Jul 16 – Sat, Sep 22 (10 weeks)

Term 4: Mon, Oct 8 – Sat, Dec 22 (11 weeks)


End of Year Concert in 2018

Date: Sunday, November 11

Location: Kingston Arts Centre, Theatre

AMEB EXAMS in 2017

2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:0023 November 2017|

We have just found out that the very last students for this year passed her AMEB practical Examination!

25 students enrolled in 2017 from Preliminary grade to Grade 7. ALL of them passed!!


It is tough to just prepare for an examination however it is also true that everyone improves their musical skills heaps through the preparation.

Now it’s time to enjoy Christmas Music!!

Piano Concert 2017

2020-04-10T17:11:58+10:0023 November 2017|


Piano Concert 2o17 was held on Sunday November 12.

There were 52 students plus one guest performer this year.

We had 2 separate sessions and the total length was for 4 hours!

I am pretty sure that everyone had a valuable experience through the concert.

We were as teachers so happy to hear and see their huge growth from last year.

Well Done Everyone!! Proud of You All!

Great textbook for Scales

2020-04-10T17:11:58+10:0026 June 2017|

This is a great textbook to learn major and minor scales or teach scales to young students.

Go here to find out more information.