Fee and Terms

//Fee and Terms
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30mins Lesson


45mins Lesson


60mins Lesson


Family Discount

If your family members (brothers and sisters) are having their piano lessons at HiroMelody, they could get a $1 discount on their each lesson fee.

1st person: $34 (30mins)
2nd person: $33 (30mins)

Payment Method

  • Cash
  • Online Bank Transfer

Payment Frequency

  • Once Off (for casual lesson only)
  • Term

Lesson Cancellations

Cancellation Policy Applies:

  • RESCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson, we kindly request that you provide your teacher with advance notice.If you are already aware of any scheduling conflicts, we kindly ask that you inform MIEKO at your earliest convenience.However, if an unforeseen circumstance arises on the day of your lesson, we encourage you to make arrangements for a makeup lesson whenever possible.We understand that rescheduling may not always be feasible, in which case the lesson fee will still apply.We genuinely appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

    Please be aware that it is important to notify us the latest BEFORE NOON on the lesson day. AFTERNOON notification on the lesson day OR During or after your scheduled lesson time or without prior notification, 100% of lesson fee will be charged.HiroMelody offers 2 FREE CANCELLATIONS with the above cancellation policy per TERM. THE THIRD cancellation will be rescheduled for a make up lesson with your teacher or alternative teacher within HiroMelody, otherwise the lesson fee will be charged.

    • Kaori 0415 954 591
    • Nomuna 0452 033 546
    • Seiko 0422 698 854
    • Chiami 0435 458 913
    • Yoko 0478 567 398

    Mieko Blow     0421810278