• Piano Concert in 2015

    We enjoyed listening to everyone’s beautiful performance. 緊張の中、みんなステキな演奏してくれました。

  • Piano Concert in 2014

    Each student performed their pieces in a beautiful tone. それぞれが素晴らしい音色を奏でてくれました。

  • Piano Concert in 2013

    As a teacher, we were proud of each student's accomplishments. 生徒の皆さん1人1人の成長を心から嬉しく思いました。

  • Piano Concert in 2012

    Every student showed the results of the practice on the day. 生徒の皆さん、日頃の練習の成果を発揮できました。

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Welcome to HiroMelody

HiroMelody is a piano studio in Cheltenham, Melbourne.



Lesson for Adults – 大人のレッスン

It is never too late to begin music, nor to brush up on your skills! We listen to your aims and provide lessons tailored to meet your needs.


More Info – 詳細


Lesson for Kids – 子供のレッスン

Our lessons are not only about learning piano. We would like to assist kids to understand the importance of daily practices and feeling ongoing satisfaction at having achieved their musical skills that encourages learning throughout their lifetime.


More Info – 詳細


Lesson for Preschool Kids (3-5 years) – リトミック

Learning how to read musical notes and rhythms. Playing easy pieces with reading music.


More Info – 詳細