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Lesson for Adults – 大人のレッスン

//Lesson for Adults – 大人のレッスン
Lesson for Adults – 大人のレッスン2020-04-10T17:11:57+10:00

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We Encourage Life-long Learning! – まずはじめに

It is never too late to begin music, nor to brush up on your skills! We listen to your aims and provide lessons tailored to meet your needs. We are happy to accept any genres from Classical to Pop and welcome any levels from beginner to advanced.


Can’t Read Musics!? No Worries! – 大人ビギナーの方も大歓迎!

If you are totally beginner and don’t know how to read music, that is why we are here for you! There is nothing that you can’t start learning because you are too old to do so. Like any language, reading music is achievable, and once familiar is easily maintained.


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Training Your Fingers! – やはり基礎は大事!

We recommend you to do finger exercises for a first 5 minutes of each lesson because the muscle of fingers required for piano performance is not usually used and need to be thoroughly warmed up!


Play Pieces That You Like To Play – 弾きたい曲を弾く方が、やっぱり楽しい!

What is the most effective way for you to enjoy yourself playing the piano and get into it? It is to play what you are keen to play! If a piece that you enjoy is too hard for you to play at the stage, we will re-arrange it to meet your level.


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Advanced Student – 以前ピアノを習っていた上級者の方も!

If you are in advanced level, we of course would like to help you with your needs. We focus our experienced students on improving expression, interpretation and developing advanced performance techniques.


Worried About The Time Commitment? – 忙しいアナタにアドバイス!

Whatever your level, you can greatly improve your skill by playing the piano for only 10 minutes a day. For instance after bath or before bed, rather than playing an hour at once a week. Incorporating some time for yourself through music can be an ideal way to manage stress and recharge from a busy schedule.


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Recording Your Achievement – 弾いた記録をDVDに録画!

When you get to know and be able to play a piece well, we can record or video your performance. It will be a memorable and precious record of your achievement to you, and your family.